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Budgeting for Twins What Parents Should Know

Having twins will require more than you may have prepared for. Here are some simple tips from our friends at DivineCaroline for parents to save money when budgeting for multiples.

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Choosing a Name for Your Baby

If your last name is Budd or Banks, you may not want to name your child Rose or Robin. For assistance in naming your new arrival, be sure to check out our handy baby name resources.

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Choosing an Obstetric Healthcare Provider

Choosing an obstetric healthcare provider is a big and important decision to make. To help you through your decision process, here is a starter list of things to ask and consider.

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Health Insurance Options for Pregnant Women

If you have limited health insurance, don't have health insurance, or can't afford hospital costs, there are some options available.

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Newborn Screening Tests by State

Newborn screening tests vary from state to state. Be informed on the subject.

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Putting a Birth Announcement in the Newspaper

You can mail or e-mail your information to the newspaper(s) of your choice.

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Types of Obstetric Healthcare Providers

Here are the types of obstetric health care providers that may be available to you.

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