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Child Care


Choosing a Babysitter

We researched the subject, interviewed babysitters, babysitting agencies, the American Red Cross and moms and dads about finding a good babysitter. Here are their top pieces of advice.

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Choosing a Nanny

We researched, spoke with nannies, nanny placement agencies and parents who use nannies to find the best advice to start you off on your search for your own Mary Poppins.

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Evaluating Your Child-Care Provider

Once you've selected a child-care provider, follow these suggestions to ensure it's the right choice for you and your child.

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Finding Affordable Child Care

Finding affordable child care isn't easy. Here is a "starter" list of resources and tips to help you on your search.

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Recommended Adult-to-Child Child-Care Ratios

Too much or just right? Here's the recommended ratio of caregiver-to-child.

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