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After a Theft Quick Tips from Police Officers

Here are some tips for dealing with home and car theft, gathered from police officers across the country.

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Key Legal Terms Burglary Robbery and More

Although you may say, "I've been robbed," by definition, you may actually have been "burgled." Read the about the different terms below to learn more.

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Identity Theft10 Tax Time Identity Safety Tips

Don't let yourself become an identity theft victim – especially during tax time. Here are some top tips from and our interview with the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse.

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5 ATM Safety Tips

According to the American Bankers Association, more than 10.8 billion people access cash from AMTs every year. Here are tips to keep your money safe.

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Corporate Identity Theft A True Story

You might think that identity theft only occurs when Mr. Joe Citizen is careless about his mail or other personal information. But anyone can be fair game for ID thieves.

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Detecting Identity Theft

If someone stole your wallet, or you have previously been the victim of identity theft, you will naturally be on the lookout for signs of identity theft. However, even if you don't suspect identity theft, you may want to keep an eye out for it.

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Identity Theft Fast Tips for What To Do

Identity theft is more than just a financial issue. It creates emotional stress. Contact the Identity Theft Resource Center for information on how to network with other victims and deal with the impact of this crime.

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Preventing Medical Identity Theft

The latest form of identity theft could not only cost you money - it could also cost you your life.

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Protecting Your Identity Online

Here are a few tips to keep your identity and finances safe while shopping online.

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