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GeneralFor More Information — Useful Bicycle LinksMake the most of your biking experience by visiting these sites.Fast Tips for Smart BikingA compilation of quick tips to make biking safe and fun!On the Road Top 6 Biking TipsBiking through traffic can be quite a thrill! Be safe, be smart with these top 6 tips from cyclists and cycling educators: Selecting the Right BikeSelecting the right bicycle is the first step to having fun and preventing accidents. Review the tips below. (If you still need help, ask the salespeople for assistance.)Basic Bicycle MaintenanceGet in the habit of completing a basic check of your bike before heading out on the road.How to Register Your BikeRegistering your bike will help speed things up in case of a damage or theft claim. It only takes a minute but saves a lot of time later on.Bicycle MaintenanceKeep your bike up-to-date on repairs by following this maintenance schedule. Finding the Right Bicycling GearSummer is the perfect time to take long bike trips. Of course, long bike rides can lead to discomfort. Divine Caroline shares an article with WHN on how to find the perfect gear for a comfortable and fun bike ride!

Bicycle Maintenance

Keep your bike up-to-date on repairs by following this maintenance schedule.

WHN Tip: Talk with your local bike shop technician to get maintenance tips specifically for your bike.

Monthly Maintenance (more if you ride frequently)

  • Rinse and clean off dirt and debris with a washcloth and water first.
  • Use a citrus-based chain cleaner and a wire brush to clean heavy grease off the chain.
  • Lube the chain.
  • Check brake pads for wear and cables for kinks, rust, lube.
  • Make sure saddle (seat) is tightly bolted to post.
  • Check condition of rims, tires and brake pads, and replace if necessary.
  • Give the bike a complete once over, checking for loose or damaged parts.

Annual Maintenance

  • Consider replacing cables and housings.
  • Check derailleur and brakes for loose or sloppy action.
  • If your bike is ridden frequently, consider having it inspected and maintained by a professional.

Additional Information

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