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How to Register Your Bicycle

Registering your bike will help speed things up in case of a damage or theft claim. It only takes a minute but saves a lot of time later on.

WHN Tip: Create a Bike Folder.
Include copies of all warranties, manuals, receipts and other related documents as well as a picture of your bike and all accessories. Store in a safe place at home or at work.

Here are some ways you can register.


Photograph your bike and on the back note the following: make, model and license or registration, serial number and any distinguishing features. Store in your Bike Folder.

Police Registration

Register your bike with local police, if you can. They may be able to recover your bike more quickly if they have the appropriate information including make, model, color and serial number on file. Registration also provides you with proof of ownership.

Manufacturer Registration

Complete the warranty form that came with your bike and keep a copy for your files. Some companies also offer online warranty registration, which can also serve as a written record in case your bike is stolen.

National Bike Registry (NBR) Registration

For a small fee, register your bike with the National Bike Registry (NBR), a national database that helps recover stolen bikes by working together with over 16,000 police departments across the country. Already registered with the NBR? Update your registration information online. For more information, call 1-800-848-BIKE (2453).

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