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12 Winter Driving Tips from Experts

We talked with snow plow drivers and auto technicians across the country – they see it happen and fix your car after that spin-out. Here's their advice:

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5 Common Winter Driving Mistakes

Do you make the following winter driving mistakes?

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5 Safe Driving Tips

These tips are from police officers and those who have first-hand experiences with car-related emergencies.

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Be Prepared: What to Carry in Your Car

Keep the following items in your car in case you have a flat tire, are stranded by weather or have some other roadside emergency.

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Child Car Seat Safety Guidelines

With the wide selection of car seats on the market, how do you know which one to buy, and when to switch from one style to another? And how important are car seats anyway?

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Driving in the Rain

Here are some helpful hints on preparing your car and planning ahead for wet road travel.

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Driving in the Winter

Winter driving can be hazardous. Be safe, be smart, by following these tips.

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Improve Your Night-Driving Skills

Here are some tips, courtesy of Bridgestone Winter Driving School, to improve your night-driving skills.

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Kids and Car Safety

Whether you're driving across country, taking the kids to Grandma's or just acting as local carpool captain, keeping your young passengers safe should be your number one priority.

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Pet Safety and Your Car

We've been bombarded with car-seat safety for children, airbag safety for infants, and seat-belt use for everyone. But how safe are your pets in your family vehicle? Animal safety in cars is critical to your best friend's safety.

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Prevent Drowsy Driving

Feeling tired but unwilling to pull over and take a break? Driving drowsy is risking your life—and those of other drivers!

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Share the Road Start Seeing Motorcycles

We asked motorcyclists to share their pet peeves about drivers. Let's all do our part to share the road and get along.

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