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Winter Weather


Avalanche FAQs

Learn the basics about avalanches. For more details go to PBS - NOVA Online and USFS National Avalanche Center.

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Blizzard FAQs

Be ready for blizzards with information from the National Weather Service.

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Blizzards Create a Winter Storm Plan

Get ready for winter with these useful tips.

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Getting Your Family Ready for Winter

When winter hits, sometimes it hits hard! Listen to your local weather forecaster and read through the following tips to keep your family warm in winter weather.

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Hypothermia and Frostbite

Hypothermia (body's temperature below 95 degrees Fahrenheit) and frostbite (severe reaction to cold exposure that can cause permanent damage) are real dangers in cold weather. Here’s how to avoid both and what to do if they occur.

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Ice Dams Prevention and Removal

Water dripping into your house in the middle of winter could be assign that you've got an ice dam. Here is what you need to know and do, courtesy of the University of Minnesota.

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Thawing Frozen Pipes

If you turn on a faucet and only a trickle comes out, suspect a frozen pipe. Here's advice from the Red Cross on what to do to make the water run again.

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When a Winter Storm Watch or Warning Is Issued

Threatening winter weather expected? Be safe, be smart and tune to your local radio or television stations for information and instructions. Then follow these tips.

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Winter Weather Advisories and Warnings

When winter weather approaches, be safe, be smart! Stay alert to weather signs when the following advisories, watches or warnings are issued.

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